Our Services

From the early stages of planning, to products and positioning business, USIDC provides the necessary strategic marketing roadmap to complete the growth objectives of the client companies. After the project is finished, USIDC continues to maintain its role as a loyal customer management consulting company.

Successful entry into the US market

USIDC provides expert consulting services focused on localization strategy for excellent, small, Asian exporters who show technological competitiveness and growth. As a U.S. local support counter, USIDC provides optimal consulting services and marketing services to help these exporters grow as global companies.

Total Solutions

USIDC uses innovative techniques to provide solutions for new markets. From the early planning stages, USIDC provides marketing strategies such as market research, marketing, products, and business positioning, needed to reach the growth targets of customers. Through this, USIDC helps increase the company customer’s revenue and profit.

Let's create your company's growth
strategy together!

Marketing Research

  • Data Collection
  • Data Analysis and Diagnosis
  • Product / Technology Competitiveness
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Barriers to entry analysis
  • Distribution Channel Research
  • Trend Analysis
  • Market size and Growth rate analysis
  • Local information provided by the in-depth market research
  • International market research
  • Distribution Channel Analysis
  • Competitor analysis and evaluation
  • Marketing tools (website, brochures, PR strategy and marketing tool implementation strategy)
  • Import restrictions, research on Tariffs
  • Customer Research and Market Potential Analysis
  • Market assessment (product life cycle, product innovation, evaluation, price evaluation, overseas competitors survey characteristics)
  • Distribution Structure Analysis
  • Brand Analysis
  • International market research and analysis


  • Various licensing / certification plan
  • Intellectual Property Protection Plan
  • Pricing Policies
  • Business Strategy
  • Trade and Association list
  • Product Testing and Localization
  • Target Customer profiles and Details
  • Certification required by local
  • Cost-effective brand positioning and marketing strategy
  • Niche strategy
  • Buyers rating (Potential buyers / supplier lists, related industries exhibition, expert interviews and contacts)
  • Customized market solutions


  1. For the Asian-American Community

    • Cultivating & Empowering Korean American and Asian American Pacific Islander Businesses in the U.S. - Services that will be provided to individuals/business entities and organizations
    • USIDC will target minority-owned, female-owned, and veteran-owned small businesses, and entrepreneurs of minority groups and other Asian American Pacific Islander communities.
    • USIDC will recruit and serve businesses - including start-ups, relocating businesses, and existing businesses - currently hindered by a lack of proficiency in the English language, cultural barriers, lack of access, and a lack of resources, by utilizing the knowledge and experience of its bilingual staff and professional volunteers.
    • USIDC will also host business networking events to provide opportunities for minority businesses to connect with other larger, mainstream businesses and with Federal, State, and local governments.
  2. Services for U.S. Companies

    Export to Asia

    • Asia is a growing, sophisticated, middle income market of 50 million people, that favors American products and benefits from America’s first bi-national Free Trade Agreement.
    • USIDC is a partner to help find customers, distributors, and collaborators using our in-country representatives, the U.S. Embassy Commercial Service, and Korea’s Ministry of Economy and Trade.

    Logistics Assistance and Certificates of Origin

    • USIDC can help get products to customers. We provide Certificates of Origin, required by the US-Asia Free Trade Agreement, as well as introductions to freight forwarders, banks for letters of credit, and other international trade service providers.

    Source Innovative Technology

    • Asia is a globally recognized hub of technological innovation and a source of new products and ideas. The USIDC can help find innovators and entrepreneurs with complementary ideas and inventions to enhance existing product lines.
  3. Services for Asian Companies

    Optimize Your U.S. Market Entry Strategy

    • The U.S. economy exceeds $15 trillion. Its size and complexity demands thorough industrial knowledge and a sound strategy to succeed. Let the USIDC’s programs connect you to our life science, IT, and other industry experts to help position your product in the market and assist you with the following connections and services.

    Find Customers, Distributors and Collaborators

    • Each industry has its own unique sales and distribution system. USIDC’s industry experts will provide briefing on how technology developers in the industry reach paying customers.

    Meet your Partner

    • Once you have your strategy, understand your competitive advantage, and know who you need to meet, USIDC’s experts will arrange crucial Executive Introductions.

    Open an American Office

    • Opening an office in America is a major milestone. If done incorrectly, it can result in wasted time, wasted money, or even lead to a business’ downfall.

    Structuring Your American Company

    • Incorporation
    • Tax Issues
    • Business Licenses
    • Regulatory Compliance
    • Banking and Cash Management
    • Accounting & Bookkeeping
    • Insurance Requirements

    Finding a Facility

    • Real Estate Brokers
    • Commercial Leases
    • Short-term Leases & “Soft Landing” Options in United States’s Business Incubators
    • Office Equipment
    • Furniture
    • IT & Telecommunications Services

    Staffing the Office

    • Transferring Israeli Employees
    • Housing & Family Adjustment
    • Visas
    • Hiring American Employees
    • Recruiting, Job Descriptions, and Interviews
    • Comparative Wage and Benefit Information
  4. Leadership Development Program

    Developing Leadership & Competitiveness of Asian American Youths and Young Adults - Services that will be provided to individuals

    • Developing Leadership in Asian American Youths and Young Adults - Services that will be provided
    • USIDC will provide mentoring services, site-visit and discussion sessions with professionals in various fields, leadership development seminars, and internship programs for the Asian American youth and young adults, so that they may become motivated and inspired to become future entrepreneurs and successful business leaders in United States.